by gross

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released 01 October 2013



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Track Name: It's Better This Way
why bother
forming my own ideas and opinions?
or caring about current issues?
human rights, what a bore!
it all sounds like
too much work
and besides
I've been real occupied with
buying rare t shirts
and selling old records

the ideas and opinions
can wait
for when I have
more free time

what a fucking bore it all is

("hardcore gets boring when the kids stop being interested in the ideas and start getting interested in the merch")
Track Name: Positive Changes
growing up
seems like lots of fun
I'm so happy that
you've really embraced it
and no, it's fine
I understand that you're busy
I'm sure that woman from the bar
that you bought two drinks for
the other night
really does miss you
Track Name: There Is So Much Celebration
I can't wait
to get a real job!
sitting in a cubicle
for 10 hours a day
by myself
think of all the money I'll have
I can buy a nice car
get new tattoos
impress the women
I'll be too busy for

and after work
I can go home to my empty
sit on my couch
turn on the tv
and think about how bad
it used to all be

i fucking love it
Track Name: Big Adjustments
come on, big boy
point out everything wrong with me
find my flaws
and point at me
and laugh at me
I wanna fit right in
I'll fit right in
Track Name: My Cool Friends
take me out with you and
your friends
let me even chime in, I can relate
to every word you say
go on about the black out nights
the drinks, the women
be like you, live like you
I wanna soak it all in

can't wait to go home, get in bed
and reminisce on
what a great time we had